Cogniat who was one of the individuals who best knew Marc Chagall indicated that the colors used in his painting were what made them stand out. The great blending of colors made the paintings attractive to the viewers. However, during his earlier years into practicing painting, he insisted more on form than color. The introduction of color, therefore, brought a tremendous change in the art of painting for Marc Chagall. The colors were living, and they appeared to be an integral part of the painted pictures. The way Marc Chagall used the colors helps him to sculpt the shapes of the picture element. Additionally, he used color in a manner that did not in any way imitate the concept of nature but showed movement and rhythms in the picture elements.

Marc Chagall, did not, however, overuse the colors and paintings without reason. Mostly, he would only use two or three colors which he professionally blended to create a magnificent painting. Thus, his simple use of color magnified his ability to express his thoughts as a painting. Due to the great technique and styles that he incorporated in his painting, most paint buyers would come and buy his painting and auction them at exhibitions. The paintings were then sold expensively making his even more popular for his great work of art. Lastly, the ability of Marc Chagall, to mix reality with fantasy in his paintings became a technique that he used throughout his work to make them outstanding.

Art is a technique that is used to express inner feelings, emotions and thoughts about oneself, other people or the environment which includes the society. There are many forms of art categories which include music and painting among others. Painting as a form of art involves the use of colors and brushes to create impressions intended to bring out particular meanings to the target audience. Therefore, painters must have the skills necessary to best paint their thoughts in a way that their target audience can best understand. Marc Chagall is one of the most famous painters in the world. His fame is primarily due to his great works of paintings. He developed a liking for art and indulged in painting studies in the year 1907. He, however, moved from Russia to France after mastering the skill of painting.

His migration led to him interacting with fauvism and cubism which were popular cultures. Some of his paintings that were skillfully presented were features the salon des independants. The paintings which included “I and the Village” gained popularity and recognition due to his unique painting styles and employment of artistic techniques. In most of his works, Marc Chagall integrated Jewish cultures as part of his themes. He gave the Jewish heritage priority in his paintings including the memories of his home in Belarus. Also, he included the folk culture of the people of Belarus in most of is paintings which made them unique. Religion is also viewed as a theme that was used In creating Marc Chagall’s paintings. Some of the painting works were based on Biblical stories that he presented in the form of series. One of such paintings is that of “The Angel.” The decision by Marc Chagall to paint based on religion may have been influenced by the religious upbringing by his parents at an early age.

After Marc Chagall moved to France, he loved the city and settled there permanently. This made him start painting pictures of Paris town and the Mediterranean coast. This is a theme that was used in his painting to showcase his love for his new home, France. Further, Marc Chagall was invited to use his talent to create most public works. This included decorating buildings such as churches. Due to this, he created mosaics, sculptures, and sets of stained glass which were used in the buildings. Thus, he also incorporated this features in his paintings. For instance, there are buildings in his paintings that appeared to have stained glass. This mostly appeared in church images within his paintings. In conclusion, Marc Chagall was one of the most talented artists of the 20th century. His painting works were well crafted. His works continue to be popular worldwide due to his dedication to producing high-quality work.