His work is widely admired by all his contemporaries and other artists. During his early life, he suffered several misfortunes and disasters but still made it through. Despite all these difficulties and injustices against him, he made history the greatest artist in the 19th and 20th century. Lovers Near Bridge is a painting showing a man and woman about to kiss. The man is in a red suit with a blue pocket chief. The lady is in a white dress, seemingly, a wedding dress. She also has a veil over her head, and their eyes are wide open. She holds onto his head with her right hand and his hand using her left hand. The man is holding a hat by his left-right hand as he sits on a chair, presumably, wooden. The moon is seen to glisten from a distance. The man sits as the lady stands about to kiss him.

She passionately holds him as if in love and adorably looks at him. It is a look of love. On the man’s right side are two large portraits that seem decorational with some luminous shiny streaks. At the bottom left is another lady holding flowers in a vase. Most of them have a red theme with some green leaves. Her eyes eye is wide open as she sneaks the flowers to the couple in love. From the look of things, the portrait captures the nighttime as the couple outdoors. In the background, next to the moon is a dark starred painting and a bridge at the top of the portrait. Analysts say that it is a photo of Chagall and his fiancée.

In another painting, the artist showcased The Flying Lovers in 1918, showing how much he loved his fiancée. While most of his paintings were based on the bible and Jewish traditions, these were different. He also inspired other artists such as Franz Meyer and led them into art. He loved Vitebsk and even left a letter dubbed, To My City Vitebsk and expressed his sorrow for leaving the city. They spoke about love and how his heartfelt like when he was with this woman, identified as Bella. The renowned artist leftover 1200 artworks that are, today, scattered all across the globe. He is a celebrated modernist artist.