Chagall Prints are great examples of 20th century paintings with Chagall's prints being classed as a mixture of expressionism, impressionism and surrealism to create truly unique art that world continues to enjoy in increasing amounts. Marc Chagall produced a series of great works in his innovative style that he become exceptionally popular in the modern day thanks in part to his vibrant colours and mystical scenes. The great works of this artist are best represented as framed giclee art prints which show his colours off to the full with a professional, smart finish offered by a good choice of a quality frame.

Chagall is an artist who seems to grow in popularity with the public year-on-year as his reputation gains momentum thanks to his vibrant style that is suited very much to the tastes of the modern era, where the colours of artists like Matisse and Monet have become the common choice above older, drab alternatives. A common sign of an artist who is highly skilled and imaginative is one who uses many different art mediums to express their work, seeing new materials as exciting new options to consider. Chagall was one such painter who also went far beyond just oil on canvas, with his Chagall stainglass windows also becoming respected. There were also plenty of experiments with other mediums and art movements as Chagall looked to push his skills as far as possible.

Famous prints by Marc Chagall included Young Woman on a Sofa, The Wedding, The Birth, I and the Village, The Green Donkey (L'Ane vert), Adam and Eve, Paris through the window, Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers, The Violinist, The Birthday, The Poet Reclining, Bella with White Collar, Houses at Vitebsk, The Blue House, Two Clowns on Horseback, The Tailor, The Fall of the Angels, Green Violinist, The Vision (L'Apparition), The Cat Transformed Into A Woman (La Chatte métamorphosée en Femme), Dream Village, The Female Acrobat, Solitude, Bouquet with Flying Lovers (Bouquet aux amoureux volants), The White Crucifixion, Midsummer Night's Dream, The Red Rooster, The Yellow Crucifixion, Madonna with sleighs, The Firebird, La Mariée, Lovers in the Red Sky, The Dance and The Circus (La Dance et le cirque), The Blue Circus (Le Cirque bleu), Moses receiving the Tablets of the Law, The Green Night, The Bastille, Bridge over the Seine, Champ de mars, The Crossing of the Red Sea, Commedia dell'arte, Self-portrait, Stained glass windows for the synagogue of the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital, King David, Ceiling of the Garnier Opera, Exodus, Wall art for the Knesset in Jerusalem, War, Mosaic murals in the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera, New York, Stage settings, Biblical-themed windows, The Prophet Jeremiah, Job, Biblical Message, America Windows, The Yellow Donkey, Four Seasons, Family, Nine biblical-themed windows in luminous blue, The Great Parade and The Jerusalem Windows.

Chagall was not only recognised by the artistic public, but also was highly respected by major fellow artists who most appreciated his colour understanding, which was compared to Matisse, another master. Picasso himself regularly talked up the artist and this itself was praise to mark any career as influential and relevant. Chagall own career went far beyond the boundaries of his native Russian background (now Belarus) and he found himself more at home in France where he could pursue his ambitions more easily and with greater encouragement and acceptance, which is always key to any artist. As demonstrates, Marc Chagall is one of the most talented Jewish artists of all time, which is quite a claim when the huge list of talents to come from this mainsteam religion is remembered.

Belarus-born Chagall was later to be refered to as French after spending much of his life there, inspired by the artistic freedom offered to him and other like minded creatives. Throughout this period, and since, Paris was a key centre for global artists and France itself was an excellent source of inspiration for painters looking to make a name for themselves. Chagall paintings offer a bright and busy look generally, and these are normally best suited to framed art prints which can match the clarity in detail of the original as well as finishing the painting off with a professional feel once the right frame is chosen and added. Simple wooden frames or more elaborate metallic frames both work equally well and there is a great variety of choice available on the internet thanks to the great service offered by our recommended print retailer.

List of Famous Marc Chagall Prints

Marc Chagall produced many paintings plus other works in different art movements which are all worth studying or enjoying on your wall, and we include a list of his best paintings below. Each can be bought online from our recommended Chagall prints gallery which is linked to from the top of this page.

  • Young Woman on a Sofa
  • The Wedding
  • The Birth
  • I and the Village
  • The Green Donkey (L'Ane vert)
  • Adam and Eve
  • Paris through the window
  • Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers
  • The Violinist
  • The Birthday
  • The Poet Reclining
  • Bella with White Collar
  • Houses at Vitebsk
  • The Blue House
  • Two Clowns on Horseback
  • The Tailor
  • The Fall of the Angels
  • Green Violinist
  • The Vision (L'Apparition)
  • The Cat Transformed Into A Woman (La Chatte métamorphosée en Femme)
  • Dream Village
  • The Female Acrobat
  • Solitude
  • Bouquet with Flying Lovers (Bouquet aux amoureux volants)
  • The White Crucifixion
  • Midsummer Night's Dream
  • The Red Rooster
  • The Yellow Crucifixion
  • Madonna with sleighs
  • The Firebird
  • La Mariée
  • Lovers in the Red Sky
  • The Dance and The Circus (La Dance et le cirque)
  • The Blue Circus (Le Cirque bleu)
  • Moses receiving the Tablets of the Law
  • The Green Night
  • The Bastille
  • Bridge over the Seine
  • Champ de mars
  • The Crossing of the Red Sea
  • Commedia dell'arte
  • Self-portrait
  • Stained glass windows for the synagogue of the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital
  • King David
  • Ceiling of the Garnier Opera
  • Exodus
  • Wall art for the Knesset in Jerusalem
  • War
  • Mosaic murals in the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera, New York
  • Stage settings for Die Zauberflöte, Metropolitan Opera, New York
  • Biblical-themed windows
  • The Prophet Jeremiah
  • Job
  • Biblical Message
  • America Windows
  • The Yellow Donkey
  • Four Seasons
  • Family
  • Nine biblical-themed windows in luminous blue
  • The Great Parade
  • The Jerusalem Windows

Expressionist & Impressionist Print Artists

Marc Chagall covers several different art movements with his innovative style which is hard to directly classify. We include a list of other artists who are reasonably similar below, whose prints you may also be interested in:

  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Claude Monet
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Edvard Munch
  • August Macke
  • Mary Cassatt
  • Renoir
  • Degas
  • Paul Cezanne