He later then went to on publishing the artwork a little over three years after the loss of his wife, after coming into acceptance of the death of his late wife.

The artist redemonstrates with his paintings the scenery of his brother in law Aaron's marriage. The image scenery is one that has been recognised globally up until today.

The theme of the painting, of the newly wed brother in law, is the main highlight that has been drawn in a very poetic manner. The use of colours demonstrates the mood of the blissful event, with what seems to be musicians also having an influence on the mood of the environment.

What is really fascinating is his technique in presenting the musicians that seem at first the main centre of attention, but still manages to have all the attention of the observer drawn towards the couple.

Being born in Russia in the year 1887, Chagall witnessed front line poverty, but was privileged to be being exposed to a variety of type of art at a very young age. He later then began to create and develop skills that led him to become the fruitful, influential artist that he is today. His work was influenced and based around on emotional association.

Before Chagall went on to studying at a Russian public school, he attended a Jewish elementary school where he was gifted with the opportunity to study Hebrew as well as the bible. During this time in his life, he spent learning the key fundamentals of drawing, but also spent time studying the world around him, which is what later had a huge influence in his work.

Young Chagall later on went on to studying at an all Jewish art school where he formally began the journey of his art career, at the age of 19-20. He later then left school without completing his studies within the couple months period he initially started, followed by moving to a different location to study at the Imperial Society for the protection of Fine Arts.

His emotional experiences in life gave him the ability to create his own unique style, using memories as a tool to create illusional and fantasy-like paintings. The talent painter is known for his ability to paint his emotions, similar to how a poet would express themselves through poetry.

Age 97 Chagall passed away on the 28th March 1985. The historical Russain, later French artist left behind not only his legacy but also a vast collection of his artistic work that he did throughout his lifetime period. The legendary artist, as many who refer to him as, left behind his work that not only made him famous in his time but also in the 21st century, with many who look up to him, having an influence on many Russian and Jewish people.

Marc Chagall may have passed away, but his paintings will forever live on telling the stories which he spent his entire life sharing.