He also embraced that fact because he tried to emphasise his clan community with various Russian traditions. Blue Lovers, for instance, is a colourful masterpiece that Marc Chagall created in the 19th century. This very famous painting was dedicated to one single beloved by his woman, Bella Rosenfield. The Blue Lovers is a painting he created at the time he and Bella were married. He stated that Bella was an amazing woman, and he waited for her for at least four long years. She ran away from her bride at the time he lived in Paris. Marc Chagall reported that he waited for many years and even wrote her many gentle letters to make her come back. It was a perfect marriage because they kept no secrets from each other and shared many romantic moments.

In the picture, Marc Chagall has portrayed a women figure as if it is from a dream. Blue Lovers is a picture created by someone who understood how to use colours to communicate important messages to the audience. It is possible to view every detail in the painting from different angles, like gravity does not affect gravity. Marc Chagall used the blue colour to depict the personification of the mother of God and the kingdom of heaven. The artist used this colour to show his affection toward the woman he cherished so much.

Later on, it was discovered that Bella had to approve all the artworks created by Marc Chagall. After the woman died, Marc Chagall had to stop drawing for almost twelve months. Bella's death affected his career so much that he contemplated doing other things to earn a living. However, he went back to drawing and created several paintings that are still available in modern days. Chagall is remembered as one of the best artists in the world. His brilliance helped him uniquely used colours to convey important details to his fans. Most of his drawings were very expensive, but they were all worth the price tags. Provided you know the colour symbolism that Marc Chagall used, it is possible to read all his paintings and drawings.