Looking deeper into the portrait, you can see that she is dressed in white and has a crown of flowers; some white, and green. The other colours are not visible. Some part of her hair protrudes on her forehead. The lady seems to close her eyes as she smells the bouquet. Her eyelashes are well laid out and look so beautiful. She is indeed a bride. Taking a deeper look into the art, she seems to hold a manually operable fan as she closes her eyes to take in a breath.

According to art enthusiasts, the painting evoked his far-away fiancée, Bella Rosenfeld, who he married four years later when he returned to Vitebsk, Russia. She was the daughter of a wealthy man in Vitebsk and has appeared in many of his portraits such as Birthday (1915-23), Lovers Near the Bridge, and The Double Portrait with a Glass of Wine (1917. The picture adheres to a blue and white theme. Further checking the painting, you can notice some folds on the canvas, meaning that is an old canvas. The artist reused the canvas to reproduce the Bride with Fan. In the background, clouds and a blue sky can be seen, meaning it is during the day. The artist blends in the colours with the sky so that and the general environment with a blue and white theme. The flowers in her hand and her head also have a touch of green.

In 1910, the artist lived on an allowance by St. Petersburg patron and got a chance to travel to Paris. After one and a half years, he moved to a settlement with other bohemian artists where he met his art idols such as Blaise Cendrars, Max Jacob, and Guillaume Apollinaire. These artists played a vital role in his career. In 1911, he came up with the Bride with a Fan, I and the Village, Hommage Apollinaire, and other art such as The Fiddler in 1912. Marc's paintings and artwork mostly included images with bouquets, brides, and flying lovers. All these special arts helped him become one of the most popular innovators of the 20th century. With great knowledge of colours and artistic movements such as expressionism and cubism, the artist created impressive paintings that attracted different vibrations. Some of them were criticised, while others were praised. Today, the Bride with a Fan sits in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is an admiration to all people who visit the historic facility.