Chagall termed his work as none of the dreams in humanity. The artist was born and bred in the Russian soil and witnessed a fair share of disasters when he was growing up. He later moved to America and France and got had his fame skyrocket. Time is a River without Banks, is one of his most famous oil and canvas paintings that contains a surrealist picture that has a pendulum clock that floats along a river. A huge-winged fish is playing a fiddle in the painting. According to painting analysts, the painting is a metaphor striking the author's life. Marc lived his life just like that fish and had great timing. Every time there was a disaster, he had the chance to take flight and create a new life elsewhere.

That perfect timing and instinct got him off from a lot of anti-Jewish persecutions as he was growing. Other issues that he faced include the Stalin's expulsions and fascistic concentration camps. The artist lived til he was almost 100 and witnessed an almost full entire century of wars, bloodshed, and cruelty against his race. Marc had quite a rough and disastrous life from childhood. Just after birth, there was a massive fire in the town, and many stalls caught fire. It seemed like the world was ushering this kid with flames of fire. Within a few minutes, the fire caught all the nearby houses, and the entire neighbourhood was on fire.

Chagall's mother tried to save her son by carrying his baby bed from one street to the other. Later in life, Marc stated that it could be the reason why he feels anxious and the need to move from one place to another. In another time, the artist underwent another major disaster in a different form. It came in the form of a person, Kazimir Malevich who had involvement in the Suprematist movement. After a while, he was appointed to stand in the commissar of Vitebsk manning over the arts in the area. After a while, Kazimir convinced the Bolshevik bosses that Marc wasn't good enough and a revolutionary began. At no one point was he ever safe. Other instances that he escaped death was World War II, and the Nazi revolution. The art, Time is a River without Banks, is believed to illustrate all the hardships he went through.