From the choice of name, it is evident that the two were a man and woman who were in love. The face of the woman faces the viewer. She has bowed her head and closed her eyes as she rests on the chin of her lover. She wears a black top with a white cuff. Her man wraps his hands around her shoulders in a tight embrace. He also wears a black top with a white collar. This painting is made on a pink background. This might be the reason why it carries the tag. Lovers in Pink is a show of love between couples. Marc depicts love with both the image and the background. Even at the time, pink was used to show love. Therefore, its inclusion in the image further amplifies his message on love.

Marc uses cubism type of art to showcase love in the painting. Cubism was a new form of art invented by such artists such as Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso around 1907. The style ranges from geometric images that look like cubes to images that had several points of view.At the time of creating his painting, cubism was very popular in France. This is partly why most of the artists tried their hand on the style even where they were not inherently cubism artists. One of the striking features of the painting was creating distinct planes that help readers differentiate one part of the artwork to the other. In his image, the background is very evident, without any objects behind the subjects. Second, the cubism style emphasized a two-dimensional image rather than three found in many other styles.

Therefore, the painting, just like this one, did not create an illusion of depth. This was a breakthrough from the Renaissance style, which created depth from a fixed point of the viewer. When creating the image, Marc wanted to take advantage of the revolutionary new style that was sweeping across France. Pablo Picasso is thought to be the prominent artist that popularised this style. However, another artist called Paul Cezanne was also a major influencer. This is because he is the one who started to paint things with different points of view. This became the central feature of the art.