He was running from the persecution of Nazi-fascism that had taken hold of France. This particular artwork was made from an invitation by Museum of Modern Art in New York. He was a part of a large group of artists that had also been exiled by the Nazi regime including Masson, Leger, Andre Breton and Mondrian. Marc painted this image at the picturesque Cranberry Lake. He recalls the scenery of his Belarus village during a cold month when it was covered with snow. The painting shows the nocturnal atmosphere of the village just before dawn. The artist has played with tones of light and dark blue atmosphere to show differences in space and time. There is also moonlight that shines from the centre of the painting. It shines on every object on the scene, giving them a shiny, dream-like appearance.

The viewer sees a cow that looks like it its flying. There is also an outline of a horse in the blue and another chicken with a man's head. Besides, this artist has depicted himself somehow suspended on the air above the earth, holding on to his wife. (His wife was called Bella). The rest of the images look a little more realistic such as homes on the right and another one just behind the painter. In My Country Dans Mon Pays reminds Marc of his birthplace (Belarus) thousands of miles away. It was now 21 years since he left the place. This depiction of the motherland shows both peace and terror. The peace is depicted by an evening with blue skies and moonlight.

However, the peace was broken and war had overtaken the land. Therefore, everything was running haywire. This is the reason cows are depicted as flying and chicken having a human head. It showed the pain that the painter had in heart when he remembered his birthplace. Marc used a style of painting called Surrealism. This style had elements of modernism. These two styles were a new form of art that strived to present new world order which included industries, war and new technologies. However, surrealism went further than modernism with an irrational juxtapositioning of images. The idea was to activate the subconscious mind through imagery. Besides, it added some abstractism to bring forth ideas that may not be interpreted by just looking at the painting.