This artwork is full of well-pronounced characters and it describes to you what is going on in the artwork. The Lilacs are surrounded by all the characters symbolizing renewal, this artwork showcases the joy and excitement that people enjoy during spring after battling through winter. The theme of this artwork is love and spirituality. Through love Marc depicted a society that existed happily, it flourished with new generations and with lots of animals which were a source of their wealth. Also, spirituality was showcased with different faiths co-existing while enjoying what nature offered. Marc Chagall was born in a Jewish family and was brought up in a Jewish town, his devotion to his faith greatly influenced his art.

Marc Chagall was inspired by Millet and Daumier who are considered to be among the most important French artists and the French avant-garde movement. Chagall rubbed his shoulders with the most innovative artists of the time such as Matisse and Picasso and he used this influence to add vivid colors to his artworks. He belonged to the Surrealism movement which he depicted in his paintings through illogical contrast, floating figures and quirky proportions. During this period Cubism was very fashionable and he found himself being inspired by the style and he incorporated it into his artworks. Chagall used his artworks to inspire other artists such as Piet Mondrian, thanks to his wide use of vivid colors that gave his artworks a unique touch of art.

I and the Village, Adam and Eve, Autumn in the Village and Dream are among Chagall's notable artworks. These artworks explain how devoted he was to his faith because they have different themes explaining the teachings of Judaism. Chagall's art was from the heart and his illustrations were from The Bible and the Jewish people, though it made critics scrutinize his artworks for all reasons. Some critics claimed that his artworks were full of religious themes and others were criticizing due to his Jewish origin. These critics did not stop Marc Chagall from painting and he later did a project that was successful and even termed as full of divine inspiration.