This artwork is of surrealist style and it showcases symbolic painting a genre which was greatly emphasized by Marc Chagall. This artwork depicts a composition of figures, colors and characters which the artist through his mastery of art brought to life. The Wedding Candles is a title that Marc Chagall used while referring to his lover's book and its elevated mood. This artwork is high in its composition and it entails a wing, goat-headed figure and a newly wedded couple in the setting sun.

The painting is depicted in a dusky and hazy atmosphere and the bridal procession is moving out from a Russian village. Above the bridal canopy is a huge chandelier with burning candles that illuminate the nocturnal blue and greenish ghostly lights. Thanks to the dim color in the background that the bride together with her entourage light up the painting while some villagers are shocked others are playing musical instruments.

A lone musician is moving towards the lower light, the nocturnal blue color opens up the painting and the bride is a small white figured character who moves towards the midnight blue zone of the painting. A pair of lovers are relaxing on a cock’s back; a winged creature with a goat's head has a glass of wine on one of its hands while the other is tightly holding a jug of wine. Above the bride is a celestial horn player descending from the nocturnal blue light sky, his gesture seems to drive away from the earthly musicians and at the same time shows the direction which the bride will take.

This painting is similar to all his other artworks which he used colors to attract but as well capture the attention of the viewers. The theme of this painting is love and a celebration of the bride to marriage which is showcased with musicians dancing and singing to the newlyweds. The white bride is the main character in this artwork and the nocturnal blue light sky and setting sun highlight her in the middle as the symbolism of love perhaps reminiscent to Bella. The Wedding Candles by Marc Chagall is an artwork that is rich in color and characters that breathe life into the painting.