The couple is likely kissing from a dark location, hence their skin colour. We will delve further into who the couple is, his inspiration, style of art, and its present location.

Identity of the Couple

Chagall was smitten by his wife Bella Rosenfeld. She was the subject of many of his paintings. It, therefore, follows that the couple in the painting is Marc and Bella.


The artist painted Green Lovers during his relationship turmoil surrounding him and Bella. Bella was from a rich background (her family was jewellers), while Chagall was from a poor one. Bella's family vehemently opposed the idea of Bella marrying a painter they deemed poor. Despite her family's attempt at splitting the couple, Bella chose to love him for who he was.

His excitement knew no bounds as he went on to include his wife in his subsequent paintings. Apart from Green Lovers, he also had other paintings of him and his wife in Pink Lovers, Blue Lovers and Grey Lovers. It is believed by some that he tried to convey the idea of love coming in different shades just like their differences in social statuses.

Art Style

Marc employs the use of Cubism and Surrealism in this painting. In Cubism, each object is meant to be analysed thus leaving room for different interpretations. For instance, the couple he paints with green skin could be interpreted differently depending on which critic you ask. Some people may suggest it is the dark weather that makes them green, or others may suggest that the kind of couple depicted, is not your typical one; hence the weird colour.

Surrealism is employed in this painting since it forces the critic to interpret the work. The critic has to tap into their imagination to decipher this painting. For instance, why are the man's hair blue and the woman's hair pink? Why are their skins green? Do the colours tell a story or are they simply abstract? This painting is therefore similar to a dream since, in most dreams, nothing seems to make sense but there could be a hidden meaning.


This painting is privately owned. For you to access the painting, you would need to visit certain institutions that have opted to borrow the painting temporarily for exhibitions.