The main theme portrayed is quite nostalgic. The figurine in the painting seems to be playing an instrument while remembering something that is of value and quite sentimental. He captured the human emotion quite well as he was able to portray scenes of empathy. The nostalgic feel is mostly influenced by the life of the artist as he tended to depict some of his memories from his Jewish traditions. It was in line with his emotional and poetic association.

The painting also follows the cubism stylistic approach which is mostly inspired by the use of geometric shapes. The use of lines that are straight and wavy. Marc also uses circles, and shapes can be spotted in the painting if one uses a keen eye to observe. The medium used is oil paint on canvas which is excellent at blending and gives off a colorful feel like the end result. The colors are really vibrant as the artist was quite playful with color and would always depict scenes that are full of Valor and imagination.

The use of dark hues and vibrant highlights gives the painting a good balance of color which is really outstanding. Its current location is at a private collection. However, the prints are usually sold through online platforms. It attracts many of those who appreciate his sense of artwork.

Marc Chagall was mostly influenced by the great painters of his time who would use color in different techniques. The works of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio were inspiring to Marc. In addition, Johannes Vermeer, Vincent Willem Van Gogh, and Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin inspired him to work more with color and he began to study their works as well as the aspect of color.

The vibrant colors made his works stand out as he got to fully master color in his own personal style which has stood the test of time. He also earned praise from the well known, Pablo Picasso who quoted him to be the best after Henri Matisse as they both had mastered the use of color and expressed it strongly.