Over the Town or Over the City as some call it is among Marc's most renowned paintings. The painting is so vivid that one can easily start believing in the flight feeling depicted in it. This painting is among one of his most imaginative love pictures portraying a fancy flight imagination. The couple can be seen tugging like kites and darting like tadpoles as they follow the breeze. A closer look at the picture shows that it has also left the town. Beneath them is a ground that serves as an aerial reflection of the earth. Marc can be seen holding his wife close to him as she continuously waves one of her hands as though attempting to open a path through the air.

Below them are some homes, all of the same color, except a single one in the background painted red. Many homes also happen to have a wooden fence around them. The sky appears to have a white color, as opposed to the traditional blue color. The couple is seen wearing clothes having a darker shade that helps them stand out in all the bright colors surrounding them. Marc Chagall used Over the Town to portray everything that he felt was important to him, his town, and his wife, Bella. It shows happy lovers defying gravity as they embrace and fly over the town.

This picture has some special effects which are created through a blend of typical everyday moments. Not many people know this, but located at the lower end of the left corner is a person easing himself, with his pants wrapped around his ankles! It's a surprise that helps bring out romanticism in the painting and a special charm. The painting is able to connect numerous contraries, e.g., Bella's elegant outfit, the bare ass of the man easing himself, and the couple's flight. While Bella has been painted using soft round lines, those of the artist's figure appears to be cubed. The round lines make her appear more than real, with her detailed shoes painted perfectly. Her lace can also be seen to ruffle on her dress. Over the years, historians have come to wonder how Marc managed to build the endless symphony of love and to dedicate it to the woman who would go on to live with him for years. Visitors to see this painting at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow will also be able to see the likes of Black Square by Kazimir Malevich as well as Ilya Repin's Religious Procession in Kursk Province.

Over the Town in Detail Marc Chagall

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