The composition is entirely typical of Chagall, with lovers seemingly flying above a large town, as if in a dream. The artist would often use blurred elements which further gave this atmosphere of being beyond reality, perhaps existing within your own mind. We see a fairly simply painted town below where buildings are constructed only from outlines, and the deep red of the background shows through their solid planes. This allows the main focus to remain on the two figures in the centre of the painting who are filled with light tones of white and pink, allowing them to contrast with the rest of the work. A strange creature offers them flowers from the right hand side, whilst another hovers in the top left of the canvas. The overall painting is sized at 65.09 cm x 66.36 cm and was acquired by its current owners back in 1964, less than two decades after the artist had completed it.

Chagall used a dreamy style for many decades and it is this for which he became most popular. The public regularly seek out Chagall prints to enjoy his work within their own homes and his bright colour schemes were another popular aspect of his trademark style. It seemed whether going through positive or negative experiences, the artist would tend to go with bright colours whenever using oils, though his work in other mediums was sometimes in monotone or duotone formats instead.

Head to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in order to see this stunning artwork, but check ahead to see if it is on display, as items will sometimes be rotated around or even loaned out in order to allow as many people as possible to see the full breadth of their extensive collection. Some of the other items to look out for whilst visiting include Gebirge (Mountains) by Franz Marc, Violin and Candlestick (1910) by Georges Braque as well as some other artworks from the likes of René Magritte, Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee. In all, the collection runs into the many thousands and will easily keep you occupied for a full day spent touring this exciting venue.